5 Key Perks of Cheap VPS Hosting

Having a great website for your business and a solid hosting plan is only the beginning when it comes to creating a strong online presence. While shared hosting plans might work for many small business websites in the beginning, any measure of success at all will soon show it may be time to look [...]

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Cheap VPS Hosting For Dummies

VPS hosting is one of those decisions people run into when setting up their site. Most people begin with a shared solution before searching for higher end solutions and that's where VPS hosting comes into the equation. Searching for cheap VPS hosting is difficult when you don’t know what to look for in a VPS [...]

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5 Reasons Why: Buy a Personal Domain Name

In today’s Internet based world, it’s hard to argue against buying a domain name. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a software company, or an independent contractor, it’s necessary to establish you and your business's online presence. How soon, you ask? Immediately. Today, there are over 126 million .com domain names registered, which means the likelihood [...]

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How Cheap Domain Registration Helps Build Your Online Presence

There are many different factors to consider when setting up your online presence for your business, but it all starts with the domain name. Cheap-DomainRegistration services provide a great way to help track down the right personalized or customized domain name for your website, make sure you get the right URL, and get set up [...]

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The Origin of the Domain Name

Domain names have been key for branding your business and establishing your online presence for years. While the benefits and uses of a personalized domain name are apparent for businesses of all kinds, we think it could be beneficial to know the who, what, when, and why of domain names and domain name registration by [...]

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Domain Name Registration

When searching for domain names you may wonder where to find the best deals.  Although you could purchase domain names through a variety of sources, domain name registration through Cheap Domain Registration can present a number of advantages. Low Pricing For many people, pricing is naturally an important consideration when determining where to register domain [...]

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Web Hosting

There are hundreds of web hosts to choose from. Every cheap domain hosting company offers some type of package, a monthly deal, and affordable registration fees. What good is cheap domain hosting if you don’t get the tools and services you need to create and support a successful website? There are some obvious requirements such [...]

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